3D printed ceramics inspired by the shapes of biodiversity



Today the earth’s biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate. Design has the power to communicate ideas and transform the way we understand the world. The diversity of the natural environment, of food and of locally sourced materials are brought together in the realisation of functional 3D printing local clay. The aim of our work is to create awareness of the natural origin of the products while they are being used. The printing of 3D ceramics enables the production of a unique
series of functional dinnerware. With their aspects, the products create an aesthetic connection to their original material and their provenance. In this process, nature becomes a central element of design.


Bespoke Collections for Restaurants

Let’s work together! I am interested in developing custom collections that are inspired by the biodiversity and represent the individual character of a venue within the hospitality industry.

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Migration of Matter process is based on research carried out in Moray - Cusco thanks to the support of Mater Iniciativa, the research centre of the Restaurant "Central" and "Mil" led by the Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez. Here I had the opportunity to experience different aspects of food and agriculture, mainly the symbiosis between the human being, the earth and the plant world. Three important points for the preservation of biodiversity, which is the principal idea behind my work.

What we believe in


Nature as a central element of design.
Migration of Matter is inspired by the forms of biodiversity, communicating the aesthetics of nature to urban societies. Making more visible and sensitive the nature that surrounds us.


The use of local soil as a base material creates a connection to its various origins. The variety of its provenance is reflected in the variety of the ceramic colours and shapes.


Digital tools make it possible to capture shapes of nature very precisely and accurately. It´s a new way to create and make each piece unique.


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My name is Cindy Valdez. I involve all-natural elements and technology in creating 3D printed pottery, inspired by the organic forms of biodiversity and materialised through clay, code, additive manufacturing and fire.


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